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Customer Satisfaction

M.A. Restoration was a very nice team to work with-very professional and reliable. Throughout the clean-up and rebuild process of our homes water damage, they provided excellent service and quality that really eased much of our concerns and anxiety. Many thanks to the whole team :) I'd strongly recommend the company for future projects and to my friends!
Daniel & Mabel, Newton, MA

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Quick Tips on Mold Prevention:

1. Plumbing leaks or defects in the home that lead to moisture buildup should be repaired immediately.

2. Leakage or water damaged areas should be dried and treated within 24-48 hours.

3. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners during humid seasons.

4. Maintain ventilation throughout your home.

5. Mold inhibitors can be added to household paints.

6. Keep your indoor humidity between 30%-50%.

7. Use your bathroom fans when showering, Consider installing timers on the fan to run for a set peroid of time after your done showering.

8. Appliances such as clothes dryers and stoves should be vented to the outdoors if possible.

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