Winter Roof Maintenance

As you all know – this has been a record-breaking snowfall this winter!  With more snow in the forecast – make sure you get out there and shovel off your roof (safely from a ladder) using either a roof rake or even a broom.  Do this immediately after each snowstorm so you can prevent an ice dam from forming.

As the snow melts on your roof, it hits the cold air, freezing on the edge of the roof forming a thick ice barrier which prevents the rest of the melting snow from going anywhere except pooling behind this barrier.  The pooled water can eventually creep down the crevices & cracks of your roof into your home leading to water damage.  If water damage is not treated properly potential mold issues can arise.  If you have water damage inside your home, make sure you call us to dry out, remove or repair any damage.

So during this memorable snowfall of 2010/2011 be diligent about keeping your roof clear.  Make it a habit after shoveling your walkways – shovel your roof.  Healthy roof = healthy home!