What to Do/What to Expect When You Have Water Damage

This winter’s weather has caused a tremendous amount of water damage in homes & businesses across New England.  In the unfortunate event of a water loss this list gives you a brief overview of your role as homeowner and our role as water damage specialists to effectively dry and rebuild any affected areas.

Your Role:

1.  Call a water damage restoration company (M.A. Restoration) immediately!

Explain the damage – rooms affected & when it happened – and set up a time for a water damage technician to review the damages.

2.  Call your home insurance company to report & verify coverage potential.

An adjuster will be assigned to your claim.  The adjuster (whether in-house or independent) is responsible for inspecting the property damage to determine the extent of the insurance company’s liability.

3.  Move any furniture and contents off affected carpeted floors (if possible) to prevent staining and damage of contents.

Our Role:

1.  When our water damage technicians arrive, they will:

Survey damages to see how far water has traveled.

Relay damages & scope of work to customer.

Remove any affected material that cannot be restored.

Set up equipment to dry structure.

Check on equipment every 24 hours & take moisture readings & psychrometric documentation.

2.  After the drying process our company will:

Submit invoice to insurance company for services completed.

Submit an estimate for repairs for approval from the adjuster. (If M.A. Restoration is chosen to complete repairs.)  **Repairs will only begin after the adjuster has approved the scope of work & pricing.

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