Beware of Where Your Used Furniture Comes From…

Have you ever been in your grandmother’s basement and had a “find” of a cool antique table, brought it home and placed it in your main living quarters?  Perhaps you were given a couch for your kid’s playroom.  Whatever the circumstance, just be aware of where this “used” furniture comes from and what may be on it!

We all know basements have been known to be musty and damp – some more than others.  If something is stored in that kind of an environment, over a period of time, mold spores can start to form.

We recently were called by a homeowner that was concerned with mold in their home.  Upon further inspection, we had found that the leather couch that had been loaned to them was covered with mold.  It was an easy oversight taking into consideration the coloration of the leather.  We’ve also noticed this before with wood furniture – mold easily attaches to the wood surfaces and is hard to detect.

So just a word to the wise…check any items thoroughly when bringing them from a basement or any storage area that may be damp before introducing them into your living environment.  It will keep the guesswork down and the mold spores out!

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