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Road to Recovery: What Happens After a House or Business Fire

Family watching home burnIf you’re like many of us at M.A. Restoration, we watch a lot of local news! Every few days, we see a new story about a fire that damaged or destroyed a home or business in Westborough or another nearby town. Video shows the damage, and we hear about what caused the fire.

After that initial report on the fire, it is rare you would ever hear about it again. Have you ever wondered what happens after the cameras stop rolling? The answer: restoration begins. And the truth is, more of the building and its contents may be salvageable than you think.

We understand that the more you know about the restoration process, the more at-ease you will be. High-quality restoration companies pride themselves on being transparent with their customers, and also work very closely with insurance companies to be sure the work that is being done to your home or business is covered.

Let’s take a quick walk through what happens once the fire department and TV crews are gone, and a restoration company is on site.

Step 1: Walkthrough

First, someone will do a walkthrough of your property to assess the extent of the damage. This will help determine the equipment and supplies needed to restore your home, as well as the size crew we should send in. Restoration companies can work closely with your insurance company and adjuster to ensure work is being done according to what your policy will cover.

Step 2: Remove

Depending on the severity of the fire, items like your dishes, photos, and appliances may be salvageable. They will be carefully packed up and taken to a contents restoration facility. Any other items in the home that need to be completely replaced, such as carpeting, will be removed before the cleaning and restoration process begins.

Step 3: Clean & Restore

Professional restoration companies use professional-grade chemicals, disinfectants, and cleaning products during the fire damage restoration process. Every single surface touched by smoke or fire will either be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. This means cleaning all the walls, framing, countertops, inside and outside of cupboards.

During the cleaning process, it is important technicians clean areas you can’t see. While you may never see the soot trapped between your cabinets and the kitchen wall, that soot will leave a pungent smoke smell in the air for a very long time if not properly cleaned and all the sources of the smoke odor treated properly.

Step 4: Find Your New Normal

It’s perhaps not reasonable to believe that after the trauma of a fire, life will return to the old “normal.” However, we are sure you will find a new normal and know your home has been properly restored by the time restoration crews drive away. It is the goal of any reputable restoration company to restore a property to its pre-loss condition. That means when you look around, there should be no more visible evidence of the fire, nor any lingering smoke odors.

The first step to finding that new normal is just one phone call away.

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