5 Simple Ways to Keep Pipes from Freezing

water damageIt’s been a rollercoaster winter where temperatures are concerned. But as everyone in Westborough well knows, winter isn’t over yet until Punxsutawney Phil says so. There is still plenty of time for Jack Frost to take over the weather patterns, and send an arctic chill to the Northeast U.S. If the Farmer’s Almanac holds true, this winter promises to still be quite snowy, and quite cold. And that means the chance for frozen pipes and unexpected water damage remains.

However, just because frozen pipes are a way of life in this region, doesn’t mean it has to become a reality for you. When the temperatures plummet and you start becoming concerned about the state of the pipes in your home, there are some precautions you can take to get ahead of a potential problem.

  • Be prepared. If you’re heading to a more tropical destination for a little getaway, or just heading to mom and dad’s on the other side of the state, don’t neglect your home. When you are away, your thermostat should not be set lower than 55 degrees. Plus, if you’ve had a history of freezing pipes, it may be to your benefit to shut off the main water supply going to your home, and drain the system by opening faucets and flushing toilets.
  • Heat things up. This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you’ve ever had pipes in your house freeze, you know it can be a costly thing to repair. So, turning up the heat even a few degrees could be worth it in the long run – saving you money and the headache of a burst pipe. This is especially important if your home sits atop an uninsulated crawl space.
  • Let faucets drip. Even if there is not a “Run Water Advisory” in place in your town, allowing a slow drip out of your faucets can help keep them from freezing, and likely won’t greatly affect your water bill.
  • Protect & insulate. Consider purchasing foam board to put a barrier around the pipes. This can be used to insulate large areas of piping that you might be concerned are too exposed to the cold. If you live over an uninsulated crawl space or have a poorly insulated basement, you should consider adding some insulation ASAP! Not only will this help keep your pipes from freezing, it will likely help keep your whole home warmer.
  • Open the cabinets. Plumbing beneath a sink or along an exterior wall could be more prone to freezing. Opening cabinet doors, such as those below the kitchen sink or bathroom vanity, can help warmth from the room surround the pipes.

If your pipes do freeze, don’t do anything dangerous to try to thaw them – like adding an intense heat source that could start a fire. There are countless cases of homeowners trying to thaw pipes on their own, and creating a larger problem in the long run.

This is where M.A. Restoration comes in. We can carefully and effectively thaw the pipes and have your water running again, and little to no hassle on your end.

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