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Where There’s Smoke…There’s Fire (And Smoke Odor)

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), your household has a one in four chance of having a home fire large enough to be reported to a fire department during an average lifetime. Fires affect more than just areas you can see. Soot and smoke can damage furnishings, documents, ventilation systems, and electronics while leaving lasting smells.

Smoke Odor And Soot Damage Cleanup

Odor removal is a critical part of a fire restoration project. Fully eliminating odors is difficult since each project has unique challenges; most smoke odors will not simply “air out” on their own. Further measures need to be taken by restoration professionals like MA Restoration to completely remove or seal the soot particulate. Many different techniques can be utilized to combat smoke odor during the restoration process. Masking agents, foggers, ozone, and hydroxyl generators are all tools for tackling that lingering “fire smell.” Hydroxyl generators are one of the newest and most efficient tools used in the restoration industry for deodorization.

Hydroxyl Radicals

Hydroxyl radicals are compounds created naturally in the atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor and oxygen. They rapidly decompose chemicals in the air and play a crucial role in keeping the atmosphere clear of harmful organic and inorganic compounds.

Hydroxyl radical generators take advantage of mother nature’s cleaning techniques. These mechanical generators are very efficient at eliminating smoke and other odors using ultraviolet (UV) rays to removing undesirable substances from a fire damage space by harnessing this chemical reaction.

If you Experienced a Fire:

  • Contact a restoration company to secure your property with temporary board up of any exposed areas and to start the mitigation process.
  • Turn off heating or A/C system to prevent spreading soot. If you MUST use the system, change the filter first. Open windows for ventilation. Then make sure to have the HVAC system, attic/roof, and exterior walls inspected and properly cleaned, too, because your home will continue to suffer from smoke damage until the soot is completely removed by a fire damage restoration service.
  • Do not use any electronics or appliances until having them checked. Do not use food items or canned goods that were exposed to heat.
  • Remember, this is not like an ordinary clean up job–do not wipe fire residues from walls or ceilings. Do not attempt to clean carpets, furniture or other items, since further damage can be caused by improper cleaning methods.

Getting Help In Worcester

When you experience fire damage and smoke odor in your home, call M.A. Restoration for immediate assistance. They have the knowledge and extensive experience in the construction industry to a) intelligently demo material that cannot be restored while b) saving material that is costly to replace.

Founded in 1994 as a remodeling company, M.A. Restoration rapidly expanded its business to include water damage restoration & mold remediation services. The carpenters, project managers, certified technicians and entire staff understand how to care for wood and bring your home back after fire and water damage. In the greater Worcester County and Middlesex County areas, use the M.A. Restoration emergency line at 508-762-1383 or visit marestoration.com

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