Fire Damage Restoration: The Basics You Need To Know

fire damage repair worcester, fire damage cleanup worcesterWhen you hear a house fire has broken out on the local Worcester new station you may feel sympathy for the homeowner and go about your day. But when a fire breaks out in your own Worcester home is understandably overwhelming, but the restoration process can be even more so. Understanding where to begin and what steps to take can be difficult, so MA Restoration has come up with a list of basics that every homeowner should know.

First, remember that the quicker you take action, the smoother the overall process will be. In addition, acting swiftly can even result in less damage in the long run. Exercise caution appropriate to the seriousness of the damage, because fire can weaken the structural integrity of buildings. The safest option is to contact a restoration company to assess the damage. Always go with a professional company rather than attempting to repair the damage yourself. There are many reasons not to go the DIY route. First, as already mentioned, fire damage can be hazardous. Secondly, unless you’re a trained professional with all the equipment unique to your situation, a professional company will always be able to do a more reliable, trustworthy job. They will be able to understand the damage and see problems and potential hazards that the untrained eye would overlook. In addition, most insurance companies don’t ensure self-repairs, so if something goes wrong, you might end up paying way more money in addition to not getting as reliable of a fix.

After you contact a professional company, they’ll come and assess the situation. This will enable them to inform you of the cost and present you with a timeline for repairs, which brings us to another thing that you should be quick to do. Inform your insurance company as soon as you are able. You can provide them with details based off of what the professional company you’ve selected has informed you of. The sooner you inform them of the damage and the details involved, the sooner they can begin processing your claims. They will then be able to inform you of what they will be able to cover.

In addition to that, it’s good to remember that what insurance covers differs depending on the damage involved in your situation because there are different policies depending on the type. For example, damage from a forest fire versus damage from an oven left on might have different policies. Attempt to be familiar with your own insurance’s policy and informed as to what they’re contracted to cover.

Lastly, there are some steps that you can take on your own. Document the damage, taking pictures in addition to keeping written records. If the weather and the situation allow, ventilate the house by opening doors and windows. Smoke can damage as effectively as fire. If the situation allows for cleaning, using an alkaline cleaner will help remove odors. The same goes for laundry; if it’s safe for them to go through an alkaline soap wash, smoke-scented clothes can often be returned to normal simply by running a load of laundry. It may take more than one cycle if very smoky. Your professional will have the tools necessary to take on heavier cleaning jobs, like smoke scented carpets. When in doubt, consult your chosen company before taking action.

Don’t use appliances that have been in contact with fire or smoke, as they present a serious hazard.

Following these tips can help you restore your home to normal as fast as possible with the minimal amount of stress for you. Stay safe and cautious when working with a fire-damaged property, and go with a professional company to stay safe and secure.

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