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3 Things Not To Do After A House Fire

Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire is a frustrating ordeal. Nobody wants to deal with the terrible side-effects that come from a fire disaster. It is likely that, as a homeowner, you are experiencing many different emotions. Grief, anger, and confusion are all typical emotions to go through after a house fire. Because the internet makes it so easy to get information and “how-to’s”, you might find it tempting to try to clean up the damage and repair the disaster on your own, but there are a lot of reasons NOT to do that and call in a professional fire damage restoration company to do the repair work for you. If you are in the Framingham area, MA Restoration is just a phone call away and can help clean up and repair any size of fire damage. Here are a few more tips about what not to do after a fire:

Don’t Spread The Damage

One of the biggest problems to deal with after a fire is the soot damage. Soot will make its way to areas of the home that were not touched by the flames. It spreads easily and can be difficult to clean up before it starts damaging materials in the home. Do not attempt to vacuum or clean up any soot that you find. A professional team will be able to contain the damage while they clean it, reducing the amount of overall damage the home suffers.  

Don’t Walk On The Carpet

You might think that if your carpets are unharmed during a fire, it is safe to walk on them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The majority of shoes are created with firm grips to reduce slipping and sliding upon various surfaces. In most cases, this is ideal; but when it comes to the after-effects of fires, the grips in the soles of your shoes may actually take hold of soot strewn about your building and transfer it to your carpets without your knowledge. Over time, these chemicals can become dislodged from your carpet and create potential hazards for your health.

Deactive Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen fires require a little bit more attention. If a fire happened in the kitchen, your appliances likely need to be cleaned professionally before you try to use them again. Using them before a cleaning could result in broken appliances that you have to replace instead of clean. Unplug any kitchen appliances and let the professionals handle them.

When the professionals come in, they will have advanced equipment and the experience need to completely restore any damage that your home and belongings are suffering. In Framingham, MA Restoration is a full-service fire damage restoration company that is available 24 hours a day for fire damage emergencies. If you have experienced a house fire – don’t do anything until you have spoken with our professional team to reduce the risk of damage to your home and speed up the cleanup and repair process. We will always look at for you and your best interests.

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