What to do When you Find Mold

Finding mold in your Worcester home can be a stressful thing. Most people know that mold can be harmful to your health and it can be a really big deal when you find it, but a lot of people don’t know what to do when they come across mold from water damage in their own home in Worcester. If you have come across some mold from water damage, or you suspect that you have it, read on to find out what to do.

MA Restoration’s Guide to Mold

worcester mold damageDon’t Touch It

The most important thing to remember when you come across mold is that it grows spores and releases them into the air. When the mold is disturbed or touched, it can release even more spores into the air. So if you are trying to clean it up yourself, you could get very sick. If you see mold, don’t touch it. You can look online for a description of molds though, in case you are getting it mixed up with mildew. Mold is typically very fuzzy or slimy and is usually black, yellow, or green. Mildew is usually white or gray and can be slightly fuzzy or powdery. If you are unsure, call a professional.

Call A Restoration Company

Mold, when it gives off spores as it is growing, can cause respiratory problems, headache, and in some cases nausea. These spores can even be fatal to infants, seniors, or people with weak immune systems. So if you have any of these people in your home, you should be especially vigilant. When you see mold, you should call a restoration company like MA Restoration right away to get rid of it. The professionals know how to clean it, have the right tools and chemicals, and have the right safety equipment to ensure their own safety while taking care of it. It is very important that you have professionals clean up the mold because the problem could be more extensive than you think. Mold has a tendency to spread, and its roots can grow deep, so if you are seeing it on the surface of a wall, you likely have it within the walls as well.

Fix The Water Damage

If the reason you have mold growth in your home is because of water damage, then it is important to get that figured out before you have the mold taken care of. You can get mold out of your attic, but if it keeps coming back because there is a leak in your roof, then you’ll end up spending more money to fix your water damage problem. MA Restoration doesn’t just clean up the mold, but it identifies the root of the problem as well and works to restore your home.

If you have water damage, it is important to get it fixed right away because mold will grow quickly wherever there is a good source of excess water. Make sure you dry the water as thoroughly as possible and contact a restoration professional.

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