Moldy, Wet Basement Solutions

Damp, dark basements can grow a lot of problems. When a) outside water seeps in from the walls or windows, or b) a pipe or appliance spews clean water everywhere, water can degrade the materials of your Worcester home. Plus, mold can grow fast in moist, humid conditions. Once it establishes a presence in your basement, mold is very difficult to eliminate. Mold causes many health problems such as asthma, infections, cough, rashes, congestion, and allergies. We at MA Restoration know the best way to prevent mold growth is to control humidity and moisture in your basement.basement flood worcester, flood damage worcester,

Monitor Humidity Levels

High humidity levels provide the perfect growing environment for mold. In the evenings when the temperature cools down, the air can no longer hold in the moisture and it gathers on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Condensation can cause damage to absorbent surfaces such as drywall and wood. Generally, cold water pipes in the basement show condensation on the exterior. Insulating such pipes reduces the humidity levels in the basement.

You must keep humidity levels within your home, especially in the basement, within acceptable levels. Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level. A humidity reading of 45 percent or more is high and can be conducive to mold growth.

Keep The Great Outdoors OUTSIDE

Plants in the basement provides a good diet for mold and mildew: moisture, organic material, low light, poor ventilation. Only grow plants in sunny, airy locations in your home. Avoid the basement for cultivation of any sort.

Although the Worcester winters can be brutal, don’t keep moist, organic products in an enclosed space; firewood is another ideal habitat for mold. Never store wood in the basement. An open and airy location, even though it is colder, is the best location  

Repair Your Gutters and Consider French Drains

One of your best tools to protect your home is not even in your home. Proper working gutters can send those rain deluges out into the street and down the city sewer system.

The boundary around your home must be sloped in such a way that snow and rain are directed away from the house. Otherwise, water and moisture will pool around the structure, increasing moisture and leakage problems. If drainage is a problem either regrade the yard or install more drainage.

Utilize Those Exhaust Fans to Reduce Humidity

In additional to literally opening the doors and windows occasionally, use the other tools built into your home. Remove stale and allow fresh air with the use of an exhaust fan. Avoid drying wet clothes in the basement. Make sure appliances such as dryers, stoves, heaters, and air conditioners exhaust to the outside, or else the humidity can rise significantly.  

If you detect high moisture levels in the basement, buy a high-quality dehumidifier. This appliance is quite effective at keeping humidity levels under check. A dehumidifier pulls in surrounding air, strips moisture from it, then circulates it back into the room. Not only does it dry the air for comfort, it can help protect your home from water damage.

If Your Basement Floods in Worcester

When you experience flood or water damage in your home, call M.A. Restoration for immediate assistance. They have the knowledge and extensive experience in the construction industry to a) intelligently demo material that cannot be restored while b) saving material that is costly to replace.

Founded in 1994 as a remodeling company, M.A. Restoration rapidly expanded its business to include water damage restoration & mold remediation services. The carpenters, project managers, certified technicians and entire staff understand how to care for your home after basement flood damage.

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