5 Ways To Avoid Frozen Pipe Water Damage

water damage framingham, water damage cleanup framingham, water damage company framinghamFrozen pipes during the wintertime is a common source of water damage hazards. However, you can spare your need for water damage cleanup and restoration by taking a few extra steps to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting open. From our water damage restoration professionals at MA Restoration in Framingham, here are five things you can do during the winter to keep your pipes from freezing and prevent water damage

Know The Temperature Threshold

Although there is some variation around this mark, temperatures typically need to be around 20 degrees below Fahrenheit or lower for pipes to be vulnerable to freezing. Keep a close eye on the weather report so you are prepared for nights when there is the possibility of temperatures dipping this low. 

Drip Water From Your Faucets

This is another very simple measure that will keep your pipes from freezing. Maintaining a slow, steady drip on your faucets will keep water circulating throughout your pipes. Since the water is constantly in motion, it will be much less likely to freeze. Some people worry about this increasing their water bill, but keeping a slow steady drip on your faucets won’t actually use a large amount of water, but it could save you from serious water damage issues in the long run. 

Add Extra Insulation

If you are especially concerned about pipes freezing in your home because you live in a very cold climate or your home is poorly insulated, adding more insulation to your home may be a good choice for you. This will help to prevent lower temperatures caused by drafts and seal cracks around your doors, windows, and sill plates. Areas such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces are the ones that tend to be the least insulated. Thus, they should be the ones that you look to first if you need to add more insulation to your home. 

Keep Your Cabinet Doors That Contain Pipes Open

This is something simple you can do to keep warm air circulating around your pipes. At the same time, keeping your cabinets closed insulates the cold air that is around your pipes and makes it easier for them to freeze. Although this alone does not guarantee you that your pipes will not freeze, it does significantly reduce the likelihood of it happening. 

Keep Your Heat On If You Go Out Of Town

If you go out of town you may be tempted to shut your power off completely to save money. If temperatures have the potential of dropping below zero, however, this is probably unwise. You don’t need to keep your heat running high though. Setting the minimum temperature to 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient to protect your pipes from freezing and causing water damage problems.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Framingham

Frozen pipes may be a common problem during the winter months, but they don’t need to be for you. By following the simple tips above from our water damage experts at MA Restoration in Framingham, you can rest easy knowing that you can help prevent water damage from frozen pipes during even the coldest times of the year.