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5 Reasons Not To Ignore Mold Damage

mold damage repair worcester, mold damage worcester, mold damage cleanup worcesterMold is not a pleasant thing. It can grow anywhere and is smelly, elusive, and expensive to fix. We do all we can to prevent the growth of mold anywhere in our homes; in our refrigerators, crawlspaces, bathrooms, basements, and walls because we know how inconvenient and even dangerous it can be. But what effect, exactly, does mold have on our bodies? Why is it important to get the mold damage repaired as soon as we know that it is growing in our homes?

The following are some of the ill effects of mold, and reasons why you ought to take steps promptly to fix  and repair any sort of mold damage

  1. Exposure to mold can lead to a stuffy nose, wheezing, or red or itchy eyes. It can also lead to allergic reactions. People who are hypersensitive to mold may experience fever or shortness of breath. There is sufficient evidence to link exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms and issues, including bronchitis.
  2. In children, exposure to mold may increase the risk of developing asthma.
  3. Black mold can cause “toxic mold syndrome,” and is very dangerous. 
  4. In addition to the multiple health risks associated with mold, mold can cause musty smells and these can be harder to correct and repair the longer they sit in the home. 
  5. Mold growth usually indicates moisture in the environment, which can lead to other problems. Having your home seen by an expert can fix the mold issues but also has the potential to fix water damage problems in the future. Promptly repairing mold growth and water damage problems can give you confidence that you’re “on top of things” in your home and prevent long-term structural damage. 
  6. Mold growth compounds on itself, so taking care of mold growth as soon as it is noticed prevents exponential growth of mold as it continues to grow. 
  7. Mold can cause discolorations in whatever it grows on. 
  8. A majority of mold growth happens where you cannot readily see it. Even mold growth that you cannot see or smell right now will eventually grow enough to be apparent, so it’s best to fix it as soon as you know that it’s growing. 

Mold Damage Repair In Worcester

We know that we need to promptly correct mold growth, and we know why. But what is the best way to do so? We always recommend consulting a mold expert in your area, because you can be sure that they will know exactly how to give your mold situation the best fix possible with proper tools, cleaning materials and chemicals, and expertise. Likely, your mold issue can be an easy fix and you can have it repaired and gone for good with the proper treatment and perhaps a few adjustments to your home and moisture levels.

For mold damage situations in Worcester or the surrounding areas, call M.A. Restoration Inc. We pride ourselves on our full mold remediation services and containment procedures and how effectively, promptly, and capably we are able to address concerns specific to your situation. 

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