Worcester Summer Home Water Damage

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Your Worcester home is vulnerable to water damage 365 days a year. Massachusettes summers bring their own set of problems. Be on the lookout for water damage; call MA Restoration to investigate and offer solutions.

High Humidity is More Than Uncomfortable

The relative humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. When it rises above 60%, the ambient air feels uncomfortable for humans. Not only does humidity feel uncomfortable (and ruin your hairstyle), it can cause several issues inside your home. When moisture consistently accumulates on walls over an extended period of time, it encourages mold or mildew growth and can lead to water damage.

Rooms with high levels of steam like the kitchen and bathroom are most susceptible to rust, warped wood, and loose tiles. To improve circulation, run exhaust fans, keep doors open and consider a dehumidifier in closed rooms. 

Extreme temperature changes every day can even lead to damage. When the A/C runs constantly, condensation can cause damage to the absorbent surfaces such as drywall and wood. The consistent presence of moisture can also lead to mold growth.

Weather-Related Damage

Floods are the most expensive cause of water damage claims. The east coast is susceptible to serious summer storms. The most common causes are:

  • Slow-moving thunderstorms.
  • A dam/levee failure from sustained heavy rain.
  • Hightide with high winds
  • Rainfalls that exceed the capacity of underground drainage pipes and sewage systems.
  • Urbanization, such as paving, which reduces rainfall absorption and increases runoff.

All of these can destroy your home and damage your belongings. After bad weather, the most important thing is to get help from a full-service cleanup team to make repairs and to preempt mold growth.

Trouble With Appliances 

With more time at home, you and your family are giving all the systems a workout. Think of all the extra loads of dishes and laundry. Any household items that use water can fail and leak. For example, 75 percent of hot water heaters will fail. An annual inspection will help you gauge when (not if) yours will break. Don’t try to extend the timeframe beyond the recommendation, these leaks are even more expensive if located on the second floor. 

All appliances with water lines are suspect: dishwashers, washing machines, garbage disposals. Even the ice maker in your refrigerator is susceptible. Leaks around water hoses are a warning sign of future failure. Make it a habit to notice hoses for cracking, dryness, or rust. Replace your hoses and upgrade to braided steel connections. 

Gardening Troubles

All summer long, you have used the garden hose. Check the faucet area for potential leaks. If your hose always leaks from around the connection to the water tap, you may have either a problem with the spigot itself or the hose fitting. If water wells up around the handle, your packing washer may be worn out, or the packing nut may need to be tightened, but if water only leaks when your hose is secured to the faucet, then you need to see if the water is welling up around the actual connection, or from below the fitting

A 25-foot, 1/2-inch diameter hose attached to a faucet that supplies water at 40 psi has a flow rate of 24 gallons per minute. It is so important to make sure that all the fittings and components are in good condition. A leaking garden hose can cause water damage and mold due to the long period of time that the water might be undiscovered.

For Water Damage Cleanup In Worcester

Even with the best water-resistant materials, some damage may occur any time water is present. When you experience water damage in your home, count on MA Restoration for immediate assistance; they will help you recover from a disaster. The team, their equipment, and their expertise are ready at a moment’s notice.