Four Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Appliances From Causing Water Damage In Your Home

water damage framingham, water damage repair framingham, water damage restoration framinghamAppliances perform a lot of very important functions in a home. It would be difficult to get through the day without them! In contrast to their usefulness, however, they also pose a serious hazard to your home. If you aren’t careful, any one of them could be the cause of a major water damage disaster in your home. 

Water Damage In Framingham

From our water damage restoration experts at MA Restoration in Framingham, here are four of the appliances that pose the greatest threat to your home. 

Make Upgrades BEFORE The Appliance Breaks Down

Most people hold off on upgrading their appliances until it is already too late. This is a common mistake! Instead of putting off making an upgrade until your appliances have already broken down and caused you problems, it’s far better to replace them sooner and prevent any damage or unexpected problems from occurring. To do this, we recommend you read the instruction manuals that come with your appliances so you know exactly how long you can expect them to last. 

Always Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Following manufacturer instructions is important for many reasons other than knowing how long certain appliances should last. You should also read the instructions to know how often you should have your appliances maintained, what the different safety concerns are, and how to clean and maintain them. Put simply, the manufacturer instructions are an important lifeline for keeping your appliances in good repair, not something you should throw in the trash.  

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Level

An off-kilt appliance can cause it to work improperly and thus leak water. An appliance doesn’t have to be very far off level to cause problems either. Make sure you use a level when you are setting up your appliances to ensure that they are level and no unnecessary problems will occur. Don’t put up with any leaning appliances especially when this is so easy to prevent. 

Don’t Ignore Obvious Warning Signs

There are many telltale signs of water damage. They include visible mold growth, pools of moisture, high humidity levels, stained walls or ceilings, an inexplicable coolness, and a musty odor. Any one of these can be caused by a leaky appliance. There are many other signs of water damage, but these are some of the most common. If you notice any of these problems you should act immediately to resolve them and find the source of the damage. Failing to do so can allow a water damage problem to fester and grow over time leaving you in a world of trouble before you even know it. 

The instructions given above are simple, but they will go a long way towards helping you keep water damage from your appliances at bay. Should your home still ever be affected by a disaster, though, call us at MA Restoration in Framingham, without delay, and we will help you restore the damage to your home.

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