Dealing With Water Damage In Worcester

The Three Reasons Why Water Damage Is So Destructive 

Water damage can wreak havoc on a home. The reason for this is that water damage is a dynamic process. The damage doesn’t just occur at one point and then remain stagnant. Rather, the damage gradually grows over time as more and more of the home is exposed to the water and the water is able to saturate itself more fully into the porous materials within your home. From our restoration experts at MA Restoration, in Worcester, here are three specific ways that the dynamic process of water damage can lead to significant destruction within your home.

Water Damage In Worcester


Mold is easily the most frequent consequence of any moisture related issue. In fact, it only takes about 24-48 hours for mold to begin growing after a flood. Once mold has taken root in a home, it can quickly spread to other areas and develop into a significant problem. Another issue with mold is that it is extremely difficult to remove after it has become a serious problem. Your own DIY efforts to remove it probably wouldn’t be sufficient and it would keep coming back. As you can see, mold is a serious and destructive consequence of water damage that will occur unless the floodwater is removed swiftly. 

Contaminated Water

water damage worcesterContaminated flood water is one of the worst case scenarios of a flood. Depending on the level of contamination, contact with contaminated flood water can lead from everything to irritated skin to serious diseases and even death. Along with being dangerous, contaminated floodwater is also significantly more destructive because it contaminates everything that it comes into contact with. 

Damaged Possessions

The most devastating consequences of a flood can be the damage that it causes to your personal belongings. If your possessions are damaged, our restoration professionals at MA Restoration, in Worcester, are experienced with restoring damaged contents. Fortunately, however, there is much you can do to prevent your possessions from being damaged in the first place. The easiest thing you can do is move your valuables that are highly sensitive to water to higher ground. This includes important documents like birth certificates, social security cards, and insurance policies. The next best thing you can do to prevent, or at least mitigate, damage to your personal belongings is to remove flood water as quickly as possible. The longer flood water sits in your home, the more damage it will cause. If left there long enough, your possessions will likely be damaged beyond repair. 

As you can see, water damage is no joke. If extreme care and expediency is not emphasized after a flood, the unnecessary additional damage to your home will begin to accumulate. Fortunately, the restoration experts at MA Restoration are here to help prevent this from happening. Give us a call without delay if you ever find your home affected by a water disaster of any size, and our restoration technicians will be out immediately to assess the damage and help you restore your home.