Emergency Water Damage: Worcester Floor Restoration

emergency water damage cleanup worcesterWhen your home suffers water damage, one of the most commonly affected areas is the flooring. The water collects, pools, and is left standing until extraction service can begin. Whether the disaster is caused by a malfunctioning appliance, leaky pipe, or natural disaster, your floors need to be dried out as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs or replacement. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will be. Depending on the type of floors you have, it may be hard to determine what steps need to be taken to restore the damage.

MA Restoration has handled emergency water damage restoration in Worcester for years and we know that flooring needs immediate attention to prevent decay.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Worcester – Flooring Cleanup & Repair

  1. Laminate Flooring – water damage often results in swelling of the floor planks which causes them to separate and lift from the subfloor beneath them. To fix this problem, the water needs to be removed and then thoroughly dried. You should allow several days for the flooring to dry out completely, and then evaluate the extent of the damage.

    Oftentimes, removing individual floor planks that have pulled away from the subflooring can prove difficult because each piece is laid in together like a puzzle. Pulling one up can make it hard to get it all the way back in and flush with the other pieces around it. This means you may have to remove multiple pieces in order to replace the damaged ones, and then lay the undamaged ones back down so they are all tight together. The benefit to this is you can ensure the subflooring is completely dried before laying down the new flooring pieces over it.

  2. Vinyl Flooring – vinyl actually handles water and moisture very well since it is relatively waterproof (when installed correctly). That being said, extensive emergency water damage may take a toll on vinyl floors and cause discoloration, cupping, buckling, or soft-squishy spots to appear. The first thing that needs to be done to stop water damage to your vinyl floors is to get the water removed and cleaned up so drying can begin.

    Once floors are adequately dry, you can remove any damaged areas and replace them by laying down new vinyl. However, if not installed correctly, vinyl floors will not hold up to water as well so it is very important to call an experienced professional to ensure that installation is done correctly to discourage any future water damage.

  3. Wood Flooring – wood is the most sensitive type of flooring when it comes to water damage. It will swell, warp, buckle, crack, and crown after being exposed to water. Repairing water-damaged wood floors can be quite the process, and often requires removing, sanding, reattaching, and staining to resolve damages after all the water has been removed and thoroughly dried. Wood floors also should be finished and sealed to help give them a little more protection against water damage.

Emergency Water Damage Professionals In Worcester

Regardless of your floor type, the best way to handle water damage to your floors is to get it cleaned up and dried out as quickly as possible. When you have emergency water damage, call MA Restoration right away.

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