Another Layer of Protection After A Water Emergency

Emergency Water Damage WorcesterIf your home suffered a disaster from water or weather, stay safe and get help now. Don’t attempt to get up on the roof to look around; let the professionals use safety equipment to inspect the entire exterior. You certainly don’t want more water to be able to cause more damage if there is additional rain. In an emergency, you don’t have time to run out to a home improvement store and buy plywood and screws– you need to focus on cleaning up.  

Since glass is easier to break than solid wall, professional board-up services help insulate and protect your property from additional issues during the clean-up period. It also prevents the liability issue that could arise if an intruder entered the building and sustained an injury. Board-up and tarping protects occupied and unoccupied property from vandals, pests, and the next storm.     

Board-up services can save you money in a few other ways, like 1) keeping your homeowner’s policy valid and 2) avoiding a claim denial. 

Your insurance company will expect you to safeguard the home. If they find that you failed to take reasonable steps, they might refuse to cover any damage. Don’t give your insurance company an excuse to deny your claim – pursue board up services following a fire or natural disaster. And neither party wants you to file another insurance claim to replace broken windows down the line. 

Emergency Water Damage in Worcester

When you call M.A. Restoration, they will be responsible for 1) identifying any areas that water can get in and 2)  protecting the area by a variety of methods. Once property repairs are complete, our team will remove these temporary protective barriers. 

When to Use Board Up Services

Homeowners might contract for board-up your property after a disaster may be helpful for a number of different reasons.  

  • Severe weather conditions: hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, floods 
  • Fire Damage
  • Vehicle impact damage 
  • Vacant buildings. Even if your property is empty, board-up services will protect it from vandals or storms until it is sold, occupied, or repaired  

Who Pays For the Service?

A typical homeowners policy does cover the cost for “emergency services” for a contractor that specializes in securing the site after a property is damaged. Since emergencies don’t always happen during business hours, most insurance companies cover site security after break-in or fire damage, even before the adjuster arrives.  It’s a responsible method to avoid more extensive damages. Of course, contact your insurance carrier for specifics about your plan.

Getting Help in Worcester

When you find water damage in your home, call MA Restoration to help you out of this mess- step by step. The team, their equipment, and their expertise are ready at a moment’s notice if you need to secure your property.  Then they will clean up and restore it back– better than new.

Founded in 1994 as a remodeling company, M.A. Restoration rapidly expanded its business to include water damage restoration & mold remediation services. The carpenters, project managers, certified technicians and entire staff understand how to help your family recover from a water emergency.

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