Is This A Bad Day Or A Full Blown Water Damage Emergency?

emergency water damage worcesterIt is always stressful to find errant water in your home. You have to remove the water and take care of any items that have gotten wet as well as discard damaged materials that aren’t salvageable.

Water Damage Cleanup In Westborough

While that is always an inconvenience and a hassle, sometimes it becomes an emergency that requires a specialized team of restoration professionals. These are the most critical factors: 

Category Of Water 

The most telling element of your cleanup response is knowing what is in that water on your floor.  For example, with category 1 discharge, the source is sanitary and clean: broken ice maker line, overflowing bathtub, cracked faucet handle. 

In contrast, the category 3 classification is extremely unsanitary and hazardous. Also known as ‘black water,’ it may contain heavy metals, organic matter, silt, pesticides, or toxic organic substances. Flood waters might carry soil bacteria, decaying insects, animal droppings, debris from roadways, and pesticides. It can also carry heartworms and tapeworms to pets.  

Malaria and dengue are among the main dangers of stagnant water, which can become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes that transmit these diseases. Don’t let it get to that! If you have dirty water in your home, you need to act immediately to protect your home and family from potential dangers. Call MA Restoration’s emergency phone line right now.   

Site Safety

Another critical factor in the severity of your crisis is unsafe elements. Instead of wading into standing water and poking around to investigate, a professional team will follow safety protocols regarding: 

  • Live electricity
  • Submerged debris
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Broken natural gas connections 

Exposure To The Elements

Another factor to manage after a water emergency is the extent of damage to your home. Did a storm rip the roof off? Did an automobile crash into your home and expose your exterior? Did an artic blast cause a burst pipe to flood the basement? And is there additional bad weather in the forecast?

Using a service with an emergency response crew brings another layer of support. The MA Restoration team can board up an opening or secure tarps over the roof to protect the home from further damage. 

Potential Of Mold And Health Dangers

When moisture and an organic food source (like cloth, sheetrock, paper, wood, cardboard, etc.) are left in an area with poor ventilation and low light, mold can flourish. To keep your family safe, you need to not only remove standing water but also eliminate excess moisture from the porous materials. When the materials are disturbed, mold spores become airborne and can travel throughout the home. Folks that are sensitive to mold, allergy sufferers, and those with breathing difficulties might get really sick. 

When Should You Call MA Restoration 

Any water needs a quick response. It only takes a few minutes for porous materials to absorb that moisture. If standing water has saturated a property for over a week,  you could face serious structural damage to the residence. The most frequent reasons for emergency water damage in homes could include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Storm damage
  • Lighting Strikes and subsequent fires
  • Plumbing problems, toilet overflows, sewage backups
  • Failing household appliances 
  • HVAC leaks 

When you suffer sudden and extensive water damage, look for a provider with the knowledge and training to handle an emergency.  Call the MA Restoration Water Damage Restoration Emergency Line for any water damage emergency needs!

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