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How To Recognize When Your Worcester Home Needs Water Damage Restoration

Water damage should be taken very seriously. It can cause many issues with your home and have very serious consequences. However, water damage can be very difficult to notice sometimes. Your Worchester home may be suffering from water damage without knowing it. You can look for some things that might let you know your home is suffering from hidden water damage and that you need to contact a water damage restoration specialist.worcester water damage restoration

Water Stains

Water stains are one vital thing to look for, and they could bring awareness to potential water damage in your home. Water stains will often appear on your house’s ceiling. You can tell a water stain is from water as opposed to another type of stain because it will appear as either a light or dark brown color. They might also appear in a yellow or orange color. Suppose you see a stain that matches this description, especially if it appears without explanation. In that case, contacting a water damage restoration expert to look at your home is a very good idea.

Deformed Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are among the biggest victims of water damage. They’re also a good indication of water damage since they’re very susceptible to it as far as wood inside your house goes. They may be able to alert you of water built up under your home’s floors. Some identifiable features of water-damaged wooden floors are chips, cracks, or unusual curving upwards of boards.

Musty Smells

Smells are an extremely good indicator of issues in your home. Everybody’s smelt a weird smell that has brought them awareness that they need to do dishes or fix their washing machine, for example. The same principle goes for water damage. If you smell damp, moldy, or mildew in your home and can’t identify an outside source, it might come from your home. If you smell something weird, don’t be afraid to take precautions and at least have your home looked at by a water damage restoration expert.


Mold is an extremely common sign of water damage and can cause even more damage to a home if not taken care of as soon as possible. If you find mold anywhere in your home, your house may have hidden moisture trapped in it. A water damage restoration specialist can help you remove the mold and find its source.

Peeling Paint

When there’s excess moisture in your wall, it could cause paint or wallpaper to peel. This could either appear as bubbling paint or wallpaper or, ultimately, come off your wall. If you witness this, don’t assume it’s just the cause of old age. Make sure to get it looked at by a water damage restoration specialist to ensure there isn’t water damage in your home that you must take care of.

Water Bill Increases

If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, you might have a more significant issue than wasted money. Suppose your water or utility bill goes up a considerable amount, or more than the average fluctuation in price, especially if it goes on for months. In that case, it may be an indication that there’s a pipe leak somewhere in your home. If this happens, call a water damage restoration specialist to help you identify where the leak is coming from or ensure you have no leak to worry about.

It’s always best to take extra precautions regarding water damage, as it can seriously harm your house. If you notice one of these things, get a second opinion from a water damage restoration specialist such as MA Restoration. Even if the issue isn’t water damage, you can go to bed knowing your house is safe. And if water damage is found in your home, you can get it fixed before it becomes an even bigger issue that’ll be much more complicated to fix.

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