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Reasons Why Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Services Are Important

When flood damage occurs in your house, it is imperative to get it cleaned up right away before secondary issues arise. The longer flood or water damage is left unattended, the worse it will become. Emergency water damage Worcester professionals are professionally trained in dealing with water damage emergencies. Water damage spreads rapidly, requiring immediate […]

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Water Damage And Cleanup: Where Can It Occur in Your Home?

Water damage can be stressful. However, water damage clean up will be far less stressful if you are able to catch the damage early and get started on the clean up right away. Water damage could occur in a variety of ways in a variety of areas of your home. It’s important to be aware […]

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Water Damage Cleanup Tips For Your Worcester Water Heater

Water damage in your Worcester home can be caused by multiple sources. Malfunctioning appliances are some of the most common causes of water damage, and the most catastrophic is the water heater. Conventional water heater tanks house a reservoir between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water. Once the hot water tap is turned on […]

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Look for Hidden Kitchen Water Damage Cleanup Signs

Building materials and water don’t mix. Insulation, wood studs, plywood sheathing, and subflooring can all degrade, rot, or develop mold when they’re repeatedly saturated with water. Of all the forms in our house, the kitchen offers the most opportunities for hidden water damage.  The multiple sources of water can lead to many wet places. To […]

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Before You Fire Up The Furnace, Check For Water Damage And Have A Cleanup Plan

Here in Worcester, using the furnace for the first time in the fall heralds the beginning of the season. If you have water damage anywhere in your home’s ventilation system, the change of season may reveal it to you. For those allergic to mold and other common allergens, this day can bring a dusty cloud […]

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Professional Resources When Dealing With Water Damage

In Worcester, homeowners can face many different types of water damage. From big floods in the basement to small leaks under the sink, water has the potential to pose some big problems if not dealt with right away. Unfortunately for homeowners, water damage often happens so quickly that there isn’t time to prevent it, or […]

Wet Basements: A Year-Round Problem In Massachusetts

Whether your Worcester home’s basement is a fully furnished, luxurious walk-out or a dark room for storing Christmas ornaments, the risk of water damage is always a threat. Even we at MA Restoration Inc. know that simple physics dictates that water always flows to the lowest point, so your bottom floor can accumulate moisture from […]

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3 Hazards After A Flood

The effects of a flood can be very far-reaching. The negative consequences and threats to your safety can continue on for weeks, months, and even years after the initial flood. Below are the three hazards most people deal with after a flood. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at MA Restoration in Worcester so […]

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Dangers of Water Damage from Sewage

When a sewage backup occurs, a lot of home and business owners are motivated to try to clean up the spill on their own. Armed with a mop, bucket and perhaps some bleach, tackling a sewage cleanup might seem within the capabilities of DIY-ers who wish to save some money and deal with the problem […]

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Stay Dry! Basement Flood Prevention Tips

Basements can be used as storage space or finished to make a warm, beautiful, new living space in your home. One of the most expensive crises that a homeowner in the Worcester and Middlesex areas can experience is a flooded basement. While we may not get hurricanes here, water leaking through concrete, stone, block or […]